Doc Overview: Import Apps from Okta Workforce

If you use Okta at work, you probably have some personal apps on your Okta dashboard. Moving those apps to Okta Personal separates them from your work apps and maintains your access even after you change jobs.

ℹ️ Before moving apps from your Okta work account, you need an Okta Personal account and to have installed the Okta Browser Plugin.

How it works

Moving apps is a two-step process.

  1. Link your accounts: Link your Okta Workforce and Okta Personal accounts. Linking your Okta accounts lets you see the apps on your work dashboard that are registered with a personal email address. Apps that are registered with a work domain aren't eligible to move.
  2. Move apps to Okta Personal: Select the apps that you want to move. Remember that app import is a one-way process. After the import, you can't restore your personal apps back to your Okta Workforce account.

Before you begin

Create an account

Install the Okta Browser Plugin

Complete the process

Link your accounts

Move apps to Okta Personal

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