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What is Okta Personal for Workforce?

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What is Okta Personal for Workforce?

Okta Personal for Workforce is a set of features that integrates Okta Personal (Okta's consumer password manager) with the Okta Workforce offering. Employees can use and switch between their Okta work and personal accounts in the same, familiar UI - while keeping the accounts separate.

Admins can:

  1. Provide a free personal password manager for employees as a perk
  2. Separate employees' personal data from an organization's enterprise tenant


Work and personal apps are intertwined, and your employee's personal security hygiene can carry over to your organization's enterprise security standards.

  • For the enterprise, decoupling personal and work apps in work accounts helps admins to maintain security best practices while allowing employees to still save their personal apps. Keeping apps separate also decreases the volume of support tickets the IT teams face, since some of them are personal apps.

  • For employees, Okta Personal allows them to continue having access to their saved apps (since it’s decoupled from their work accounts) even after they leave the company. By owning their personal account, employees also ensure their organizations do not have visibility into their personal apps.

Key features

Personal app migration

App migration allows employees to migrate personal apps saved in their work accounts into Okta Personal accounts. This feature helps ensure that employees can take their personal (non-work provisioned) apps with them even after they leave their company and helps companies keep their Okta tenants clear of non-work related data.

Domain blocking

To prevent enterprise data leakage during the personal app migration process, admins may block additional domains through the Admin Console. Learn more here.

End-user interface updates

The Okta Personal for Workforce end-user interface updates include:

  • Contextual touch points on the Okta Dashboard and plugin that introduce users to Okta Personal
  • Dashboard account switcher that allows users to easily switch back and forth between Okta Personal and Okta Workforce accounts

See end-user interface updates here.

End users see contextual Okta Personal banners in their dashboards

Turn on Okta Personal for Workforce


We recommend testing Okta Personal for Workforce in your organization's Preview environment before enabling it in Production, to get a sense for how enabling the feature will impact your end users' experience. Navigate to Customizations > Okta Personal in your admin console to enable or modify your organization's Okta Personal for Workforce settings.


Okta Personal for Workforce is currently available for Early Access in Production organizations.

To test the feature in Production, enable the Okta Personal for Workforce feature toggle on the Settings > Features > Early Access page.

Once the feature is enabled, a new Customizations > Okta Personal tab will appear in the left navigation bar.

Explore the end-user interface updates and app migration docs for more details on how these features work and how to test them.

Product Roadmap

We're constantly working to improve the Okta Personal and Okta Personal for Workforce offerings. You can check out our public roadmap for updates.

Test Okta Personal

Want to try the Okta Personal product before deploying the Okta Personal for Workforce feature to your organization? You can sign up and test the Okta Personal product by clicking "Sign up for free" at this link

More Questions?

Reach out to the Okta Personal team at [email protected] and we'd be happy to further assist you in trying out Okta Personal for Workforce for your org.

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