Okta Personal for Workforce now in Early Access

Last October, we announced Okta Personal for Workforce in beta to complement today's hybrid work and personal app usage. With Okta Personal for Workforce, admins of Okta orgs can encourage and enforce separation of work and personal apps, while employees with personal apps in Okta work accounts can migrate their personal data into a free personal account. Today, we are excited to release Okta Personal for Workforce in Early Access.

What is Okta Personal for Workforce?

Okta Personal for Workforce is a set of feature that integrate Okta Personal — Okta's consumer password manager — with Okta workforce offering. Features include:

  • Personal app migration from Okta Enterprise accounts: Employees can move personal apps from work to Okta Personal in a few clicks and ensure they don’t lose access to personal apps after leaving the company.

  • Email domain blocking for admins: To prevent enterprise data leakage during the personal app migration process, admins may block additional domains through the Admin Console.

  • Account switcher for end users (Feb 2024)Switch between work and Okta Personal accounts seamlessly with a familiar UI while keeping the accounts separate.

Benefits of separating work and personal apps

Work and personal apps are intertwined, and your employee's personal security hygiene can carry over to your organization's enterprise security standards.

  • For the enterprise, decoupling personal and work apps in work accounts helps admins to maintain security best practices while allowing employees to still save their personal apps. Keeping apps separate also decreases the volume of support tickets the IT teams face, since some of them are personal apps.
  • For employees, Okta Personal allows them to continue having access to their saved apps (since it’s decoupled from their work accounts) even after they leave the company. By owning their personal account, employees also ensure their organizations do not have visibility into their personal apps.

Do you want to join the Okta Personal for Workforce EA?

You can enable Okta Personal for Workforce in preview and production environments from your Okta Admin Console. Follow the instructions in the Get Started guide.

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