Security and Privacy FAQs

How does Okta Personal secure my data?

Okta Personal takes security seriously, from encryption to security features, to make sure you are protected.

  • End-to-end encryption: Your sensitive information (about your account, your saved apps, etc.) is encrypted using cryptographic keys created and stored on your device, so only you can read it. This information is never sent unencrypted to Okta’s servers. 
  • Data transport security: Using multiple layers of protection, user data is encrypted at-rest and in transit via transport layer security (TLS).
  • 2-Factor Authentication: You can protect your Okta Personal account with an additional security factor when you sign up.
  • Biometric access: You can unlock your Okta Personal account with your fingerprint for security and convenience.

We are continuously adding improvements to our security posture. Check out the technical whitepaper to learn more.

Does Okta Personal have access to my information? 

Your data is encrypted on your device with your cryptographic key before it is sent to Okta’s servers. Since only you have access to your cryptographic key, no one, not even us at Okta, can unlock your Okta Personal account and access your information.

Does my employer have access to my Okta Personal information if I use Okta for work?

Your employer or ex-employer does not and will not have access to your personal information saved in Okta Personal. Okta Personal is a product offering by Okta but is completely separate from Okta’s enterprise offerings.

Does Okta Personal sell my information?

Okta Personal is designed to protect your privacy and security, including any data submitted by you to our online service. Okta Personal does not and will never sell your personal information to third parties.

I don't want to have an Okta Personal account anymore. What can I do?

  • To delete your account and any saved information in your account, please email us at [email protected]
  • If you would like to make a Data Subject Deletion Request to exercise your rights pursuant to applicable privacy laws, please complete our online form.

Can I export my data from Okta Personal?

Yes. You can export your personal information and your application data from the Okta Personal settings page.

Can I migrate my personal apps from my workforce dashboard?

Okta Workforce Identity Cloud customers can choose to allow their employees who are also Okta Personal users to migrate personal applications from their workforce account to their Okta Personal account. If enabled, users can initiate the migration process from their Okta Personal account. Over TLS, a list of applications that are not managed by the organization and do not contain the organization’s subdomain will be migrated to the user’s Okta Personal account (and deleted from the user’s Okta workforce account). Each application will be encrypted with the user-owned encryption key and stored securely in Okta Personal.

How can I learn more about Okta Personal's security posture?

Check out our technical whitepaper about Okta Personal under the hood.

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