Uno Team Joins Okta Personal

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Is Okta focusing on the consumer identity market?

As Okta's first consumer offering, we are committed to making Okta Personal a world-class product that goes beyond the limitations of today’s consumer password managers. We are excited to start innovating around some unique consumer needs like password sharing, passkey management, and autofill.

Why is Uno joining Okta? 

We want to further the momentum in the consumer market. The Uno team has deep experience building consumer password management and personal identity technologies. The addition of Uno’s talent and expertise in security, identity and AI allows us to accelerate the rollout of Okta Personal. The Uno team also share our views on privacy, data ownership, and ease of use.

What happens if I’m an existing Uno user?

Okta is not acquiring the existing Uno app or related technology or assets. The Uno app will sunset on November 1, 2023. Existing users are given the choice to switch to Okta Personal or another password manager of their choice.

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