Import Apps from Dashlane

When you import passwords from Dashlane into Okta Personal, you instantly add those apps to your Okta Personal dashboard. This is a faster method than manually adding apps through the plugin or dashboard.

How it works

Importing apps from Dashlane is a two-step process. First, export your Dashlane passwords as a CSV file, and then import that file into Okta Personal.

ℹ️ Okta Personal imports app names, usernames, passwords, and URLs only. Other data that you store with Dashlane isn't imported into Okta Personal.

Before you begin

Create an account

Set up MFA

Install the Okta Browser Plugin

Import apps

  1. Export your saved passwords from Dashlane. See Dashlane documentation.
  2. In a desktop browser, go to your Okta Personal dashboard.
  3. Open the menu next to your name, and then select Import apps.
  4. In the Browsers & password managers section, choose Dashlane.
  5. Click Choose File.
  6. Select your Dashlane CSV file.
  7. Click Import.
  8. After your apps are imported, click Go to My Apps to see them on your Okta Personal dashboard.
  9. Delete the Dashlane CSV file.

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