Okta Personal FAQs

Learn about how Okta Personal protects your digital life and how the product works

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General FAQs

Using Okta Personal with your Okta work account

General FAQs

What is Okta Personal?

Okta Personal is Okta’s consumer password manager. Using Okta Personal, you can:

  • Sign up and sign in without a master password
  • See all your apps in one place — with a familiar UI
  • Securely store, save, generate, and autofill passwords
  • Store and autofill non-passwords such as payment information, addresses, and notes
  • Sync across unlimited number of devices
  • Share passwords with those you trust
  • Import from other password managers

We are building the next generation of identity software, and password management capabilities are just step one of our journey.

Why should I use Okta Personal?

Okta Personal is purpose-built for personal use and is backed by Okta’s enterprise-grade security. For those who use Okta at work, Okta Personal provides the same secure and familiar UI you are used to at work. Unlike other password managers, Okta Personal is free for saving/storing unlimited apps synced across unlimited number of devices, and includes sharing with those you trust.

Does Okta Personal leverage SSO?

No, the apps in your Okta Personal accounts are not SSO-enabled. However, we have optimized speed and performance on the most used consumer apps to make your sign in experience fast and smooth.

How does Okta Personal protect and secure my data?

See Security and Privacy FAQs for how we protect our users and their data.

Is Okta Personal public? Can I share with my family and friends?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone can sign up for an Okta Personal account on www.okta.com/personal.

Does Okta Personal sell my information?

Okta Personal is designed to protect your privacy and security, including any data submitted by you to our online service. Okta Personal does not and will never sell your personal information to third parties. 

Learn more about Okta’s security and privacy practices.

How much does Okta Personal cost?

Okta Personal is free for unlimited apps across unlimited devices. In the future, we may charge for premium features, but password management features will continue to be free.

What devices and platforms does Okta Personal support?

Okta Personal is currently supported on web across various browser types, iOS, and Android.

Can I use Okta Personal globally?

Okta Personal is available globally, except for China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the regions of Crimea, Luhansk or Donetsk.

Can I import from other password managers?

Yes, we support app import from Chrome, 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, Bitwarden, and more. If you use Okta for work and have personal apps saved in your work account, we offer app import from Workforce through Okta Personal for Workforce beta program.

I don’t want Okta to have my data anymore. Can I delete my Okta Personal account?

Yes, your data privacy is very important. Please email us at [email protected] using the email you used to create your Okta Personal. You can also complete Okta’s data privacy form to exercise your right with regard to your personal information in our role as a data controller.

We will ensure your personal data is treated confidentially and with the utmost care.

Using Okta Personal with your Okta work account

How is Okta Personal different from the Okta I use for work? 

Okta Personal is a consumer password manager owned and managed by you, while Okta for work is owned and managed by your employer. An employer does not have and cannot request access to your Okta Personal account and its data. In fact, NO ONE except you has access to your Okta Personal data.

Can I use my Okta work credentials to sign up for Okta Personal?

No, your work login credentials cannot be used to sign up or sign in to Okta Personal. Your Okta work and Okta Personal accounts are totally separate from one another. To use Okta Personal, you need to create an Okta Personal account with your personal email.  

Can I use my Okta Personal and Okta work accounts together?

This depends on how your Okta admin at work configured the settings. The accounts are separate from one another, but we have several features that allow you to seamlessly use and switch between your Okta work and Okta Personal accounts.

  • Use the same Okta Browser Plugin to switch between accounts
  • Move personal apps from your Okta work account to a free Okta Personal account so that you can take them with you after leaving the company*
  • Switch between your work and personal accounts seamlessly from your work dashboard*

*Available only if your Okta work admin enables these features for your organization.

Can my work admin see or manage my Okta Personal account?

No, your work admins do not have any visibility into or control over your Okta Personal account and personal data. Your data is yours, during and even after leaving your workplace.

Can I use Okta Personal after leaving the company? Is it still free?

Yes, your Okta Personal account and all data associated with your account is yours — even after leaving your workplace. Okta Personal remains free of charge.

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