Okta Personal Product Features

📣 June 2024 product update:

  • You can now securely store payment information, addresses, and notes in your Okta Personal account.
  • You can also autofill saved payment and address fields on your favorite websites.

Okta Personal is available on web and mobile, with browser extension supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and and Brave. The Okta Personal mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Okta Personal Features Free Tier
Account Management
User account Unlimited
Passwords limit Unlimited
Device access Multiple devices
Store passwords, payments, addresses and notes
Autofill passwords, payments, and addresses
Generate strong passwords
Sign in without master password

Securely share items with existing users

Share with anyone coming soon

Organize your vault with collections
Import from other password managers
End-to-end encryption
Passwordless sign up
Multi-factor authentication
Email support

Okta Personal for Workforce is a set of features that integrates Okta Personal (the consumer offering) with the Okta Workforce offering. Employees can use and switch between their Okta work and personal accounts in the same, familiar UI - while keeping them separate.

Admins can allow this feature in their orgs through the Okta Admin Console.

Okta Personal for Workforce Features

for Okta Enterprise customers

Free with Okta Workforce SKUs
Free personal password manager to employees Includes all Free tier features
iOS and Android mobile apps

Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave

Safari coming soon

App migration of employees' allowed personal apps from work account to Okta Personal
Domain blocking during app migration
Account switcher between Okta work and Okta Personal accounts

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