Introducing Okta Personal for Workforce

Updated: February 2024

Okta Personal allows you to save unlimited apps synced across unlimited devices for free.

Earlier this year, we opened up early access for Okta Personal — Okta's first direct-to-consumer offering. Our vision is to build the next generation of identity software, and password management capabilities are just step one of our journey. You can sign up for a free account today to store unlimited apps synced across unlimited devices.

Today, we are excited to introduce Okta Personal for Workforce to complement today's hybrid work and personal app usage. With Okta Personal for Workforce, employees with personal apps in Okta work accounts can migrate their personal data into a free personal account, and when employees leave a company, they can take any personal apps with them.

Personal apps is evolving

Since the line between our work and personal lives has blurred, it is common for employees to use personal apps while logged into their work accounts, Unsecured personal accounts make it easier for social engineering attacks to be more successful in work accounts.

Educating employees and giving them the tools to improve personal security can carry over to the workplace, and by doing so, elevate enterprise security too. To make the user experience more secure, private, and familiar, we have introduced Okta Personal for Workforce -- so that people see Okta as their own…not just as part of their companies.

What is Okta Personal for Workforce?

Okta Personal for Workforce is a set of features that integrate Okta Personal into the Okta workforce offering. This includes capabilities like:

  • End-user interface updates: Okta Personal entry points to end user’s dashboard and plugin to encourage saving personal apps separate from the end user’s work account
  • Personal app migration from Okta Enterprise accounts: Employees can move personal apps from work to Okta Personal in a few clicks and ensure they don’t lose access to personal apps after leaving the company
  • Account switcher: Employees can switch between work and Okta Personal accounts seamlessly with a familiar UI while keeping the accounts separate
  • Email domain blocking (for admins): Admins may block additional domains to prevent enterprise data leakage during the personal app migration process.

Getting Started

To get started testing, here's our Getting Started Guide!

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